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Michael Goodchild and Donald Janelle, eds. (2004) Spatially Integrated Social Science. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Geovisualization of Human Activity Patterns Using 3D GIS:
A Time-Geographic Approach

Mei-Po Kwan and Jiyeong Lee

Fig 1 Figure 1: Three layers of geographical data used in the study.
Fig 2 Figure 2: Simple activity patterns in space-time.
Fig 3 Figure 3: Activity density patterns in geographic space.
Fig 4 Figure 4: A close-up view of the density surface of home locations of the selected individuals.
Fig 5 Figure 5: Space-time activity density of the non-employment activities of the full-time employed women in the sample.
Fig 6 Figure 6: Gender difference in the space-time density of non-employment activities between the full-time employed women and men in the sample.
Fig 7 Figure 7: Space-time aquarium showing the space-time paths of African and Asian Americans in the sample.
Fig 8 Figure 8: A close-up view of downtown Portland.
Fig 9 Figure 9: Space-time paths based on GPS data collected in Lexington, Kentucky.

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