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Journal of Geographical Systems (2003) 5(1), 71-91.

Space-Time Accessibility Measures:
A Geocomputational Algorithm with a Focus on the Feasible
Opportunity Set and Possible Activity Duration

Hyun-Mi Kim and Mei-Po Kwan

Fig 1 Figure 1: Different approaches to evaluating space-time accessibility of individuals.
Fig 2 Figure 2: The effect of the maximum travel time threshold on the space-time prism and potential path area (PPA).
Fig 3 Figure 3: The proposed conceptual framework.
Fig 4 Figure 4: Procedures implemented by the geocomputational algorithm.
Fig 5 Figure 5: The opportunity set delimited in Step 1.
Fig 6 Figure 6: The opportunity set delimited in Step 2.
Fig 7 Figure 7: The opportunity set delimited in Step 3.
Fig 8 Figure 8: The spatial pattern of possible activity duration.

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