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The Professional Geographer (2008) 60(4): 443-465.

Geo-Narrative: Extending geographic information systems
for narrative analysis in qualitative and mixed-method research.

Mei-Po Kwan and Guoxiang Ding

Fig 1 Figure 1: Relationships among a node, coded text,
and documents in NVivo (Source: Gibbs 2002. Used
by permission of Graham R. Gibbs).
Fig 2 Figure 2: Architecture of 3D-VQGIS.
Fig 3 Figure 3: Life path of the selected participant.
Fig 4 Figure 4: The Source Browser of 3D-VQGIS.
Fig 5 Figure 5: The Node Browser of 3D-VQGIS.
Fig 6 Figure 6: The Coding Editor of 3D-VQGIS.

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