Geographical Systems (1998) 5: 139-162.

Network-based Constraints-oriented Choice Set Formation using GIS

Mei-Po Kwan and Xiao-Dong Hong

Abstract:  This paper is concerned with choice set formation in the intraurban context where choice alternatives explicitly involve the spatial dimension. Its purpose is to develop an operational GIS method for generating more restrictive spatial choice sets through incorporating the space-time and cognitive constraints of an individual into the framework. The main construct proposed, which was formulated in set-theoretical terms, is the cognitive feasible opportunity set (CFOS). A set of network-based GIS procedures were developed using ARC/INFO GIS to operationalize the formulation. An example drawn from a travel diary data set collected in Columbus, Ohio, is used to examine implementation issues. The paper concludes that, without a realistic representation of the travel environment, the spatial configuration of choice sets and the alternatives they contain could be very different from what individuals actually experienced in their daily lives.

Keywords: choice set, cognitive map, constraints, destination choice, GIS

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