Journal of Geographical Systems

Volume 5 Issue 1 (2003) pp 129-138

Recent Advances in Accessibility Research:
Representation, Methodology and Applications

Mei-Po Kwan, Alan T. Murray, Morton E. O'Kelly, Michael Tiefelsdorf

Abstract. In this article we examine recent advances in accessibility research and their implications for future studies. We base our discussion on three intersecting dimensions that are useful for evaluating the contribution of recent studies: representation, methodology and applications. Various examples are selected to show that research concerned with representation and methodological problem solving is often applied to issues of broad concern in policy and planning. It is, however, not clear that the simultaneous treatment of representation, methodological and application issues has ever been fully worked out. The questions raised in this article may serve as a foundation for addressing issues pertinent to accurate representation, improved model building, and more rigorous applications in accessibility research.

Key words: accessibility, applications, methodology, representation, spatial analysis
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