The Professional Geographer (2008) 60(4).

Geo-Narrative: Extending Geographic Information Systems
for Narrative Analysis in Qualitative and Mixed-Method Research

Mei-Po Kwan and Guoxiang Ding

Abstract: This research seeks to contribute to advancing qualitative methodologies at the intersection of qualitative GIS, narrative analysis, 3D GIS-based time-geographic methods, and computer-aided qualitative data analysis. The approach to GIS-based narrative analysis developed in the study, called Geo-Narrative, is based on extending current GISís capabilities for the analysis and interpretation of narrative materials such as oral histories, life histories, and biographies. The three central elements in this approach are: (a) narrative analysis as the qualitative approach; (b) 3D GIS-based time-geographic methods as the representational framework; and (c) 3D-VQGIS as the GIS-based computer-aided qualitative data analysis component. A case example based on a study on the lives of the Muslim women in Columbus, Ohio after 11 September 2001 is used to illustrate the approach.

Key Words: CAQDAS, Geo-Narrative, narrative analysis, qualitative data analysis, qualitative GIS.

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