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Transactions in GIS (2007) 11(5): 721-744.

Geovisualization of Human Hybrid Activity-Travel Patterns

Fang Ren and Mei-Po Kwan

Fig 1 Figure 1: Hybrid 3D space-time paths with information cubes.
Fig 2 Figure 2: 2D space-time paths with parallel coordinate plot.
Fig 3 Figure 3: The 3D space-time path of a selected woman.
Fig 4 Figure 4: Information cubes of women.
Fig 5 Figure 5: Information cubes of men.
Fig 6 Figure 6: Information space of men and women for household related activities.
Fig 7 Figure 7: Information space of men and women for recreational activities.
Fig 8 Figure 8: Information cubes of non-employed women.
Fig 9 Figure 9: Information cubes of full-time employed women.
Fig 10 Figure 10: Information cubes of part-time employed women.
Fig 11 Figure 11: 2D individual space-time path with parallel coordinate plot.
Fig 12 Figure 12: Internet use and reasons of adopting the Internet
Fig 13 Figure 13: Internet use and how the Internet interacts with physical space.

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