GIS Art Gallery

of Mei-Po Kwan

Welcome to my GIS art gallery!

I began to explore using GIS as a medium for creating digital artworks in the early 2000s. The potential of GIS for artistic creativity is truly enormous, since there are so many types of geographic data from which many different patterns of colors, lines and shapes can be generated using different functionlities of GIS software (e.g., creating 3D scenes). This gallery shows some GIS artworks that I created using GIS software and real GIS data. They are organized into six groups based on the artistic effects applied to raw GIS images or the type GIS data used (e.g., contour lines). Please see Kwan (2007) "Affecting Geospatial Technologies" for a discussion of my GIS art.

Color Foil

Contour Lines



Soft Plastic


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